Pipe assembly

During the installation of piping systems with individual components or complete systems, we adhere precisely to given time and cost plans while raising the bar to a high quality standard. Our service includes construction, maintenance and shutdown work. You can rely on our years of experience in this field.

Overview of services

  • Work preparation
    • Examination of the construction documents
    • Capacity planning
    • Software-based scheduling and control
    • Material planning
    • Resource planning - manpower, materials, outside services, equipment
  • Assembly
    • Piping installation
    • Piping installation in the pressure range of 0-4500 bar
    • Mounting construction
    • Coatings
    • Food and pharmaceutical pipeline (GMP)
  •  Maintenance
    • Performing all maintenance, service and repair work for chemical, pharmaceutical,
      petrochemical plants and power plants
    • Fullservice