Power station service

General plant safety and environmental friendly production energy are very essential for power station services. Therefor even modern plants do need a preventive maintenenace. Spare parts have to be purchased quickly, repairs have to be performed by an expert promptly. Every incident leads to an expensive loss of production. Power plant operator have to rely on the partner, who is consulting and offering a wide and flexible 24/7 service.

We are the maintenance experts for your power station or energy facility. We provide you with a wide range of services in the field of steel construction as well as lifting and handling equipment.

  • Our operational areas
    • Large power stations
    • Heating plants, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants
    • Waste treatment plants, flue gas cleaning systems
    • Heating and cooling plants, district heating compact stations
  • Our services
    • Assembly, dismantling, commissioning
    • Maintenance, service in warranty period
    • Troubleshooting, fault fixes
    • Constructive steel constructions
  • Installations and repairs
    • Steam boilers, pumps, district heating systems,
    • Fittings, heat exchangers
    • Entire piping systems, among others